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INNOvative Float

  • No tangle in the line when casting
  • Integrated INNO stick
  • Wobbler, fly or lure always move horizontally in the water
  • Keeps to the water depth by spinning fast
  • Very easy to attach

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Next generation
Bombarda Float

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INNO bombarda

Please read Bjørn Tore Kjølholt

– a Norwegian blogger, test INNO Bombarda:
Dagens Test - INNO Bombarda

All types of the patented *) INNO Bombarda are supplied with a specially designed multi INNO stick with float stop and eyes to attach snaps or lines.
INNO Bombarda can be used without using taped/spinner leader lines and are thus not necessary to use.
With the system, there is no wear on lines and knots as with the ordinary Bombarda float, where the float slides on the line and bumps the knot on the swivel.
The INNO stick in front of the float minimises line knots while casting because of the longer distance between the knots.

To attach, a large loop is tied, which is made with a surgical knot. The loop is pulled through the eye on the snap and down around the float and back again and is tightened.


Attaching the snap allows for a fast change between densities of floats possible or a fast change to a lure.


Der The snap also functions as a lock when you are fishing with large flies and small wobblers.

The eyes of the INNO stock have a breaking load of 20 kg.

The symmetrical round shape of the INNO Bombarda float means that it keeps to the desired water depth better by spinning faster than the ordinary Bombarda float, which quickly levels out on the surface.


*) The INNO Bombarda float is patented in the EU under no. 002606111-0001 and 002606111-0002.

No tangle --- Just fish! No tangle --- Just fish!

INNO Bombarda Floating

INNO Bombarda Floating

The INNO Bombarda float is available in white.
It is supplied with a transparent stick. Orange sticks are ordered separately.

Diameter   Weight
28 mm   15 g
31 mm   20 g
34 mm   25 g



INNO Sticks Orange or transparent

Bombarda Sticks

Pack of three


INNO Bombarda SLOW Intermediate
INNO Bombarda Intermediate

The very slow-sinking INNO Bombarda. Available in transparent.

Diameter   Weight
28 mm   16 g
31 mm   22 g
34 mm   28 g


INNO Bombarda Intermediate
INNO Bombarda Intermediate

The slow-sinking INNO Bombarda. Available in transparent.

Diameter   Weight
28 mm   18 g
31 mm   25 g
34 mm   30 g


INNO Bombarda Sinking
INNO Bombarda Sinking

Action spin angling in all water depths. Available in grey.

Diameter   Weight
28 mm   20 g
31 mm   27 g
34 mm   35 g


Various accessories
Ultra Fishing Line

Good accessories that make your fishing trip a pleasure. Line cutters, hook and knife sharpener, Pin on reel with double line extension as well as water-tight fly box.
And more will be coming!

Ultra Fishing Line
Ultra Fishing Line

Top quality nylon line with enormous knot strength. This is the strongest leader line for Bombarda and fly fishing we have tested.
Where there is a chance of knots on the lead line, ULTRA is extremely strong


EAGLE/TEX fishing Line
EAGLE/TEX fiskeline

100 meter reels and line made of Fluorocarbon so that the line is invisible under water!
Professional fishing line : Super strong - No stretch – Ultra sensitive!


Sufix 832 Fishing line
Sufix 832 Fishing line

Top quality braided line with fantastic strength. Super casting qualities and wearing strength.


Rapala Mini Wobblers

Rapala Mini Wobblers

Rapala Original is Rapala's unique mini wobbler with its very special movement in the water. This wobbler from Rapala is known around the world and has enabled fantastic catches year after year.


Owner ST36BC treble hook for L-Rig and original Owner ISEAMA single hook
Owner ST36BC treble hook for L-Rig Owner iseama

Increase your hooking rate from 50 to 90% with the L-Rig system, small Owner treble hooks and tubeflies.


Tubeflies for L-Rig
Tubeflies for L-Rig

Increase your hooking rate from 50 to 90% with the L-Rig system, small Owner treble hooks and tubeflies.


Fly Assortments
Flies Coastal fishing Flies Put & Take

Fly assortments for coastal fishing and put & take.
12 flies in every high-quality box.


INNO Original Swivels & Rig rings
INNO Original Swivels & Rig rings  INNO Original Swivels & Rig rings

These are quality swivels from INNO Bombarda that do not bend under too large and strong fish.
The products are tested down to the tiniest detail so you get only the best.


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